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Unauthorized Practice of Law - 3 hours (3 CEU)  $349.00

Learn how to properly communicate Legal Information vs. Legal Advice as a

non-attorney Immigration Services Professional. This course also teaches how to identify clients who need an attorney.

*Required for Certification Program

               Catalog of Courses 

 Pre-seminar Assessment to ensure that your Professional Perspective course fills any information gaps missing from your previous instruction.

  • Review of State Requirements
  • Thorough review and instruction on Green Card Processes                                     (Adjustment of Status and Consular Processing)
  • Green Card Process for Derivative Beneficiaries

 Thorough instruction on specialized visa petitions and applications, including:

  • VAWA,
  • U-Visa
  • Affirmative Asylum
  • TPS
  • Acquired & Derivative Citizenship through your parents
  • Consular Processing for Immigrant and Non-immigrant Visas
  • Provisional Unlawful Presence Waivers
  • Advanced FOIA Requests
  • Expedited Travel Documents
  • Reentry Permits for LPR’s
  • How to use the USCIS website
  • When you need an attorney


 You will complete 3 Interactive Modules in this course:

  •  Consular Processing of an Immediate Relative
  •  Adjustment of Status for the Spouse of a USCApplication for Naturalization

Intro to Student Visas & Marketing Visa Services - 4 hours (4 ECU)  499.00

F-Visas, SEVIS, I-120, DS-160 and Supporting Documents, Marketing Strategies to generate student visa business.

I-601A - Unlawful Presence Waivers - 3 hours (4 CEU)  $449.00

Learn how to legally and ethically prepare I-601A waivers for clients.  Course teaches you how to partner with attorneys, and how to avoid the unauthorized practice of law when working with I-601A clients.

*Required for Certification Program

Unlawful Presence Waivers - 3 hours (4 CEU)  $499.00

Includes Case Study and Sample Memorandum

*Required for Certification Program

Practical Skills for an ISP - (2 CEU) $399.00 

This class is designed for those who have just completed a course or want to be updated on new forms and procedures, develop their skills in completing consular processing and learn how to utilize an attorney network.  Also includes tips on avoiding rejection and engaging in the unauthorized practice of law.

Family Based Green Cards - 4 hours (4 CEU) $499.00

Includes Case Studies, Adjustment under 245(i), Cuban Adjustment Act, Renewals, Removing Conditions on Residence, Reentry Permits for LPR's that need to travel for a long period of time, and in depth instruction on completing consular processing and obtaining documents from abroad.

In Depth Citizenship - 2 hours  (2 CEU)  $299.00

In depth instruction on completing the N-400 and N-600, common challenges with N-600 filings, and making a claim to US Citizenship via US Passport application.  This course also covers applications to preserve permanent residence for the purposes of Naturalization and Case Studies

Immigration Service Professional Courses

Professionals Prospective Class - 2 Day Course (9AM-5PM) (20 CEU) $1295.00 

This class is designed for those who have experiance or have taken previous course by other companies and need more complete understanding.  Details are listed below.

Certification Test Prep. Course - 6 hours    $399.00

Review of Immigration Applications, Immigration Process, Unauthorized Practice of Law, Test Taking strategies, Sample Question Review

Make Your Business Make Sense- 2 hours  (2 CEU) $399.00 Add to Day two of the ISP course for $199.00. Learn how to write a marketing and business plan.  Includes strategies specifically for ISPs


Course fees displayed include course materials and live instruction.   *CEU = Continuing Education Units  

  Our classes are unlike any other classes offered.  We are the only education and support provider to teach to the adult learner level  with "hands on" interactive courses, deep

understanding of immigration process, forms and how to fill them out and under what circumstances, needs of your clients, and of course immigration law surrounding your role as a

Certified Immigration Service Provider.

All of our courses are accredited and certified through the National Association of Immigration Professionals, (NAIPUSA.ORG)

Take any class as a stand alone class or combined them with our Certification Program found here

Can't sit in class for 16 hours?  Take our Home Study Course  (20 ECU with passage of final exam of 85% or higher)  $1295.00
Taken directly from our well reviewed, and detailed in-class program this home study course is designed to deliver the knowledge you need to understand your role as an immigration services professional and perform your duties with confidence and support.                                           With this course you can complete all the first 20 units of study toward  your certification as a Certified Immigration Services Professional or Immigration Consultant as it is known as in California and a few other states.

We understand some of our students prefer to read and study at their own pace and that is exactly what this course is designed for. When you order this well rounded course go through each chapter, complete the chapter quizzes and ever your answers 
online. The final exam is given upon completion of the chapter quizzes.
Order this course today, and begin your new career now!

Humanitarian Immigration - 7 Hours  (8 ECU)  $899.00

Adjustment of Status under the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA)(I-360), I-918, U-VISA, Adjusting Status after a U-Visa,  Asylum and Withholding of Removal (I-589), Adjustment of Status after Asylum,  I-730, Asylee/Refugee Relative, and Adjustment of Status under NACARA (I-881)

                         Other Products and Services

  • Live Scan background check (Performed in Class for your convenience) - $85.00 (Ca. Students only)
  • Application photos (Performed in Class for your convenience) - $15.00 (Ca. Students only)
  • Example Immigration Case Packets (A complete guide of case preparations, $600/non-student) - $450.00
  • No registration fee into National Association of Immigration Professionals - a $300.00 value
  • Online Marketing through our website as a certified immigration professional registered with us and Secretary of State. (Webpage Development extra) - $200.00
  • 2 year $100,000 immigration consultant bond - $2000.00 - (Ca residents only)
  • (bond may be more or less depending on credit and underwriter approval)
  • Passport photo taking equipment - $425.00
  • Fingerprinting rolling training and certification for DOJ and FBI (CA) - $450.00
  • California Notary Public Certification (Includes bond and all notary supplies) - $300.00

EOIR - 42A and EOIR - 42B, Cancellation of Removal (4 hours)  $599.00 

LPR and Non-LPR Cancellation Form Preparation for Respondents in Removal Proceedings 

(Must be an attorney or Paralegal)

 Two - Day Professional Prospective Class $1295.00

Have you taken an Immigration Document Preparation or Consultant Training course

and feel like you have not learned what you needed to?
Thats because Immigration Nation US courses are the ONLY accredited Immigration Consultants courses in the United States.  The Professional Perspective Class is designed to bridge the gap between what taught in other classes and the actual knowledge required to perform you duties with confidence.  

Immigration Nation US recognizes that there are other companies that facilitate these courses Immigration Consultant training.  However, all programs are
NOT the same and other programs may leave you feeling like you still don’t know what you are doing. Especially ones not accredited and certified by the National Association of Immigration Professionals, (NAIP).

 Immigration Nation US has developed the Professional Perspective Class to supplement prior immigration training because we have received an overwhelming amount of requests for additional training.  These request are from people that have taken other classes and feel that they did not receive adequate training to assist people with their immigration paperwork.

INUS also understands that you may have already paid a significant amount of money for your previous class

and you may not even be a CERTIFIED Immigration Consultant!!!!

As a result, we are offering a complete and thorough assessment in current understanding and instruction through our supplemental course priced at only $1295.00. 

                           This course includes:                                                                                                                    Through This Course and Exam       

                                                                                                                                                                           You Will Receive:






Introduction to the Immigration Services Industry (6 CEU)

This is class is an entry level introductory course to the Immigration Services Industry.  This course is perfect for someone that is interested in becoming an Immigrations Services Provider(ISP) but is unsure if this is the right professions for them.  This six hour course is completed in two 3 hour sessions.  The topics covered are: Introduction to immigration and the immigration services industry; Requirements to become an ISP; Ethics and Penalties; Income potential; Introduction to non-immigrant visas; Introduction to filing for a green card; Learn Form I-130; and The basics of completing immigration forms.

After this course you will: Understand the immigration industry; Be able to comply with requirements to become and ISP; Understand the Family Green Card Process;

Be able to complete a family petition form for a U.S. Citizen or Green Card Holder that wants to file for their family member; and Have a better understanding of immigration forms and processes

Course Tuition: $595.00***

**** If you decide to enroll in the full course after taking this course, a portion of your tuition will be credited to the full course

Immigration Services Professional Training - 2 Days  (20 ECU)  $1995.00

You will receive the knowledge you need to understand your role as an immigration Services Professional and perform you job with confidence and support.  With this course you can complete the first 20 units of study toward certification! For more information Click Here



 As an Immigration Consultant. (You may have previously only  received a Certificate of Completion)

 Free Enrollment

 Enroll and be part of the National Association of Immigration  Professionals.   ($200 Value).  Monthly dues are $30 per

 month, or you can prepay the entire year for $300.00.

  By being a member of NAIP, you will have unlimited support

  for questions on immigration matters, access to attorneys

  for clients that need legal advice, and unlimited assistance

                 and review of your immigration filings.

 Discounts on Tuition

 Also, as an Immigration Nation US student, you may qualify

 for discounts on tuition for other immigration courses.

 Unmatched bond pricing, (In states where bonding is required)


 Because we have relationships with bond companies that have  reviewed our course, you may also qualify for a much lower  priced Immigration Consultants bond.

Employment Based Green Cards, Labor Conditions Application and PERM Labor Certification, I-120 - 4 Day course (9AM - 5PM) (24 CEU)   $3495 or register 30 days before the class for $2995.00

​Pre-requisite: 2 day ISP Training Course or 2 years experience and entrance exam. This is and advanced course that requires significant knowledge of immigration process and law.

E-1, E-2, E-3, F-1, F-2, F-3, H-1B, H-1C, H-2A, H-2B, H-3, H-4, L-1, L-2, O-2, O-3, P-1, P-2, P-3 and P-4 Visa will be discussed in detail with this class