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Immigration consultant requirements and qualifications

            Why Choose Immigration Nation US?

ABSOLUTELY!Like all companies and other schools, Immigration Nation U.S. does have policies in place for class rescheduling, cancellation, refunds & certain fees.

Due to our very small class size and seating, it is very important that you attend your scheduled class. Please read and follow these policies in the event of any changes to your planned class.

Please send a WRITTEN NOTICE by one of the following methods to cancel or reschedule your class: BY FAXto (855) 776-6682 or by E-MAIL to customerservice@developpointed.com.

Cancellations for live classes received 7 business days prior to the initial scheduled class date will receive a full refund. Refunds WILL NOT be applied to cancellations received after this date or cancellations made on subsequent transferred registrations after the first transfer. Written transfer requests received by 12 P.M Pacific Standard time 3 days prior to the initial scheduled class date will be processed at no charge.

Program transfer requests received after this time will be charged a $250.00 fee.

Cancellation of a webinar class will be refunded less the current price of the immigration consultant home study course after the materials have been sent, as long as the cancellation is within 7 business days prior to the initial scheduled class. Refunds for a webinar class cannot be applied after materials have been sent and cancellations is less than 7 business days from the scheduled class.

No shows, cancellations or class reschedules received on the day of any scheduled class WILL NOT be entitled to a refund of any portion.

There is a $55.00 charge for any payment returned for non-sufficient funds. All refunded credit card transactions and/or refunds from a credit card transaction are subject to a 25% service charge.

Refunds or exchanges on products may be given upon written request to any of the business addresses mentioned above is an item is unused, decided against or damaged within 30 days of the purchase date.

Purchases on home study and Internet courses are non-refundable. If problems exist, you have the right to speak with customer service manager and issues can be handled on a case-by-case basis.

BACKGROUND CHECK , (California Only)

Everyone in California looking to become a certified immigration consultant must submit to a federal and state background check via live scan.

Live scan is a process by which fingerprints are taken electronically and submitted electronically within a period of 24 hours to the FBI and DOJ. Many people are not aware that the reason these need to be done is because fingerprints are not "saved" anywhere. Live scanned fingerprints are used to compare to the fingerprints on file by criminals. If there are no matches, the background check via live scan is complete.

Live Scan fingerprinting is ALWAYS offered at our immigration consultant training classes offered by Develop Point Education through Immigration Nation US.

EDUCATION, (Nationwide)

Currently there is no education requirement to perform your duties as a certified immigration consultant, but you need to be familiar with current laws, regulations, process and procedures just like any other vocation.

There are a few schools around that teach the course, but we spend time on what you need to know and keep the classes below 30 people so there is quality time for everyone as you acquire a deep knowledge and understanding of immigration.


Supplies you will need are very few beyond the regular office supplies and materials. (You don't even need a computer if you don't want to use one though it makes

life MUCH easier!)

As an immigration consultant you will need to have a standard contract, follow up form letter and receipt you can generate periodically for your clients as required by law.

As well, you will need access to forms or filling out and you may wish to consider a stamp to make it easy for adding your name and credentials to your paperwork.

We provide all these things in our program and teach you how to use them.


Most States have no requirements, these requirements listed below is for the State of California ONLY. Contact us for requirements in your state.

California Secretary of State Requirements:

2 year $100,000 bond

This will need to be kept up every two years and submitted to the Secretary of State to keep your certification current

which we are happy to support you with.

*We have industry partners to get you bond pricing much below what you could get on your own.

$30.00 filing fee

This fee is paid by check with the Disclosure form to the Secretary of State

Live Scan

Background check through DOJ and FBI

We are the FIRST AND ONLY school that gives so much value to the program, cares deeply about immigration

and supports consultants nationwide who haven't taken our course.

  Our certified Immigration Courses are developed by industry experts with over 15 years experience and business leaders with over 20 years of experience. This enables us to bring you the most comprehensive classes available. You will learn your new role as an immigration consultant thoroughly. Some students even wish to expand their education and professional offerings by adding our one day notary public training module to their immigration course.

  Our classes are designed to give you the knowledge and confidence needed to be very successful. As you review our course outline you will see we concentrate on building your knowledge and understanding in concepts and procedures integral to your role as a Certified Immigration Consultant and not the practices reserved for attorneys.

  During your immigration Consultant training, you will also learn basic business fundamentals necessary in owning your own business. We will spend some valuable time on marketing, networking, best business practices and give you tools to develop a good business plan as you invest your time and money in a venture that can be very rewarding both
 financially and personally.

  With Immigration Nation US you have the opportunity to simply take the Certified Immigration course or choose a package that includes all the requirements to qualify, (California only): 

A 2 year $100,000 bond, Live scan background check, a 2x2 color passport photo, and an 
all-inclusive notary class (in the state of California Only).

  At Immigration Nation US you choose your level of investment in your future. We are dedicated to give you the  support and expertise you are looking for.

Our goal at Immigration Nation US is to support you and train you so that you may perform your duties with confidence and actually help your client not hurt them!

how much can i make as a certified immigration consultant?

You can actually make a pretty good living as an immigration consultant.  Many people make between $85,000 and $175,000 a year.  There is no cap on your earnings.  It completely depends on your ability.  This is your own business and many factors come into play as you price your services as an immigration consultant.  In our classes we help you to understand how to market, set prices, design a good business plan, plus we support you in your new role as a Certified Immigration Consultant.

This following examples may help you better understand some of the average charges Immigration Consultants charge on some typical monthly documents. You can easily figure out what your income could look like if you only did one case of each per month. 

Depending on your area of service, many times there will be 3-5 cases of each a month.  So lets be both conservative and realistic and look at both.

Green Card / Marriage /Children /Parents $1500.00  6 cases = $9,000

 Work Permit /Approval Petition $500.00 2 cases = $1,000

Visitor Visa $1250.00  3 cases = $3,750

Fiancee Visa $1500.00 1 case = $1,500

 I-130 $500.00  5 cases =  $1,500

Citizenship $250.00  5 cases = $1,250

Extension of Visa $250.00  4 cases = $1,000

Place a Tracer on a case  $100.00 1 case = $100

Green Card Lottery $35.00  10 cases = $350

 N-400 $300.00  2 cases = $600

                Monthly Totals: CONSERVATIVE $6185.00 in one month!
                 REALISTIC $20,050 in one month!

Join Our Team of Certified Consultants

When you become a Certified Immigration Consultant through Immigration Nation U.S. you will automatically have a listing on our "Find a Consultant" page and may also purchase a page on our website for better searchable and internet exposure as well.

Your clients will know that you have been through very thorough immigration consultant training. Our graduates are known to have undergone the strict background check through the FBI and Department of Justice, all our graduates adhere to very strict business practices to offer the best protection against clients potentially finding people that illegally prepare immigration papers while not being held accountable.

Successful immigration consultants come from many different backgrounds and many times are qualified to perform other public services like CPAs, tax preparation professionals, notaries public, insurance brokers, real estate agents and brokers, paralegals, Pastors, court translators, people that want to work with immigration attorneys or perhaps beginning their own business venture whether part time or full time.

Basically, this opportunity exists for all people with or without immigration experience that want to contribute a very necessary and professional service in society.

This is where Certified Immigration Consultant Training comes in!

Find out more and reserve your seat for this exciting opportunity today by calling us today

Toll Free: 1-855-776-6682

    how do i become an immigration consultant?

Before you ask, "How do I become a Certified Immigration Consultant" lets first answer, WHAT IS a certified immigration consultant. Certified Immigration Consultants have the knowledge of process and procedures for filing certain immigration documents and is also knowing of available resources for cases that are beyond the capabilities of an immigration consultant. The bulk of work lies in preparing documents, document packages and filings for clients with various

and specific immigration needs.   

Staying strictly within the limits granted to act as an immigration consultant by the Secretary of State, (in California), they are also guided by rules addressed in the business and professional code. The laws are very clear as to what an immigration consultant can and cannot do.  Through this code it is assured they are protecting the clients rights for provided service in their path to legal resolution in immigration matters.

Additionally, the code of conduct adopted by Immigration Nation US follows and in some cases strengthen the existing business code of conduct offered by California as well as remaining strictly in line with the National Association of Immigration Professionals, also known as NAIP.