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Course Information

Tuition is Only $650.00

Hours are 8:00 am - 6:00pm

Courses are Forming Nationwide

One Day and You're on Your Way!!​

  1. Begin Providing Immigration Services As Soon As You Have Completed The Course 

  2. Taught by Professional Immigration Instructors With Over 30 Years of Experience

  3. Receive Certificate of Completion Honored By The National Association of Immigration Professionals

  4. Enjoy Discounts on Other Immigration Nation US Courses

Note: This course does NOT lend itself to lengthy sales presentations, fluffy and unimportant information, and/or long discussions on marketing etc.


Make Your Business Make Sense

Add our Business Course for only $199.00.*  In this course you will learn about other revenue opportunities, how to write a business plan and how to develop a marketing plan.

*Tuition is $399.00 when not booked in tandem with the SUPER Course

The Immigration Industry is a 6 BILLION dollar industry! Immigration Document Preparation is one of the fastest growing career opportunities in the Immigration Industry!!

Our One Day SUPER Course teaches you the 17 most common immigration forms used to file for immigration benefits.  After the completion of the SUPER Course, you will be able to help others in need to:

  • Apply for a Green Card
  • Apply for US Citizenship
  • Apply for a Fiance or Spouse to come to the U.S.
  • Apply for a Work Permit
  • Apply for Permission to Travel
  • File an Affidavit of Financial Support
  • Renew a Green Card
  • Remove the Conditions on a Green Card
  • Request Fee Waivers  and Reduced Fees for Government Forms
  • And MORE!!

You will also learn all of the legal requirements to prepare immigration forms for others, including bonding, live scan and registering with the Secretary of State.

Immigration Document Preparation SUPER Course