​We are the FIRST AND ONLY school that gives so much value to the program, cares deeply about immigration and supports

consultants nationwide who haven't taken our course. No matter what state you practice in; 

With Every Class We Offer:

*Free Support from industry professionals

*Filing of your application including live scan, filing fee, photo with the Secretary of State, (California Resident)

* Marketing to help you grow your immigration consultant business, and

*Well rounded education program covering business code and ethics, all the forms you will use including; how to fill them out, things to look for, gathering documents and information from your client and much more. In 24 hours together we will also discuss the common needs of your client and how to address those needs.

*Half off all supportive immigration webinars and classes as laws and rule changes for life!

*Reference material you can use in your practice

*How to design a good solid business plan and creative ways to market your profession services.

*Easy to use compute program built for Immigration Nation US is available for $400.00 that generates paperwork,contracts and builds a sturdy client data base required by many states. (Coming Soon)

We understand that your investment in your future can be scary sometimes, however we are here to help you, guide you and support in ways no other school can.

We are also able to support you with financing. Just call customer service to see how we can help you too!

Looking for A One Day Immigration Document Preparation Training Course?       

Each of our classes are stand-alone classes. Take day one and begin your practice

or continue to our second and third day series to add greater value in

your role as a Certified Immigration Consultant with deeper understanding,

knowledge of more forms and processes, and of course more interactive learning!

Our certified Immigration Courses are developed by industry experts with over 15 years experience and business leaders with over 20 years of experience. This enables us to bring you the most comprehensive classes available.

The only Certified Immigration training program Accredited and Approved by the

National Association of Immigration Professionals!

You will learn your new role as an immigration consultant thoroughly. Some students even wish to expand their education and professional offerings by adding our one day notary public training module to their immigration course.

  Our classes are designed to give you the knowledge and confidence needed to be very successful. As you review our course outline you will see we concentrate on building your knowledge and understanding in concepts and procedures integral to your role as a Certified Immigration Consultant and not the practices reserved for attorneys.

  During your immigration Consultant training, you will also learn basic business fundamentals necessary in owning your own business. We will spend some valuable time on marketing, networking, best business practices and give you tools to develop a good business plan as you invest your time and money in a venture that can be very rewarding both
 financially and personally.

  With Immigration Nation US you have the opportunity to simply take the Certified Immigration course or choose a package that includes all the requirements to qualify, (California only): 

A 2 year $100,000 bond, Live scan background check, a 2x2 color passport photo, and an 
all-inclusive notary class (in the state of California Only).

  At Immigration Nation US you choose your level of investment in your future. We are dedicated to give you the  support and expertise you are looking for.

Our goal at Immigration Nation US is to support you and train you so that you may perform your duties with confidence and actually help your client not hurt them!

Can't sit in class for 18-20 hours?

Take our Home Study Course

Taken directly from our well reviewed, and detailed in-class program this home study course is designed to deliver the knowledge you need to understand your

role as an immigration consultant and perform your duties with confidence and support. With this course you can aquire all the as a

Certified Immigration Consultant through Immigration Nation US.!

All of our training programs are designed to the adult learner level. We understand some of our students prefer to read and study at their own pace and that is

exactly what this course is designed for. When you order this well rounded course go through each chapter, complete the chapter quizzes and

complete your answers online. The final exam is given upon completion of the chapter quizzes.

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Order this course today, and begin your new career now!

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